COVID-19 Risk Statement

Appropriate measures have been put in place at the premises to ensure that it is safe for use by practitioners and clients for the purpose of therapeutic services. These measures comply with the recommended UK Government guidelines to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.  

When occupying the premises, it is the responsibility of both the practitioner and client to ensure that measures and guidelines are adhered to in order to minimise any potential risk to themselves and to others using the premises. All other practitioners using the practice room will be requested to sign and abide by guidelines and provide their own clients with a risk statement. 

Reducing the risk of contamination and spread of coronavirus before, during and after therapy.


  • An external intercom system is available for entry into the building. The client will not be expected to wait in a communal area. Upon arrival, the client will press the allocated buzzer which will allow access into the building.
  • Hand sanitiser is available for use both outside and inside the practice room.  
  • It is the responsibility of the practitioner and client to familiarise themselves with the recommended hygiene procedures and protective measures.
  • The therapy room will be cleaned, disinfected and ventilated prior to each session and ventilated during each appointment. Disinfectant wipes and spray are available in the practice room for this purpose and there is a very large window available in the practice room, allowing for adequate ventilation.
  • Both the practitioner and client will be required to use hand sanitising lotion which is provided at a sanitising station at the entrance of the building, outside and inside the practice room.  Sanitising lotion is also readily available in other communal areas.
  • 3-ply disposable masks are available upon request in the practice room for both practitioner and client use.  Any used masks will be taken away by the practitioner and the client at the end of each session.
  • A minimum of a 2 meter distance between the client and practitioner’s chair is provided to comply with government guidelines.  It is the responsibility of the practitioner and client to comply with the social distancing guidelines.
  • The practitioner will open and close the practice door.  This will protect the client from exposure to surfaces.
  • Paper towels are available in the bathroom for drying washed hands. Drinking water can be provided upon request (at the client’s own risk.)  Clients are permitted to bring their own drinking water.
  • Tissues will be provided, but the client will be responsible for taking any used tissues away with them at the end of the session.


Please do not attend a session if you have travelled to a country which requires you to quarantine for 14 days on your arrival back to the UK. A Zoom video or telephone session can be arranged in place of a face to face session. 

In order to maintain client confidentiality, each practitioner is responsible for notifying their own clients if they have been in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19. The NHS test and trace service will contact individuals to provide support and testing if required. Similarly, if a client tests positive or has come into face-to-face contact with someone who has tested positive in the past 21 days, please notify Vikki Parlour. In the case of this occurring, your anonymity will be protected by your therapist, but other users and previous occupants of Room 6 in the past 21 days must be notified of the potential risk.