What’s on offer?
I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space for individuals seeking counselling and/or psychotherapy.

Types of therapy 
I am an integrative practitioner who draws on different elements of humanistic therapies with trained experience in the following:

Person-centred therapy  A humanistic approach which values the client as a unique individual and appreciates that they have the ability to reach their full potential. The therapeutic relationship is an important part of the therapy process with the client being gently encouraged to reconnect with their inner values and self-worth.

Gestalt therapy
This is a form of psychotherapy which is guided by the relational theory principle that each individual is a whole, consisting of the mind, body and spirit.  This type of therapy focuses on the client’s self-awareness in the ‘here and now.’

Transactional Analysis
This type of therapy promotes personal growth and change with the intention of helping individuals reach their full potential.  The focus during therapy will be on working at problem-solving in the ‘here and now,’ with the main aim of encouraging client autonomy.

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
This is a more directive form of talking therapy which focuses on thoughts, feelings and behaviour with the aim of changing how one thinks or feels.

Creative counselling 
This involves the client working creatively to explore their thoughts and feelings.

I can help with…..
Abortion; Abuse (emotional, verbal, physical); Addictions; Anxiety; Attachment issues; Bereavement; Body image; Bullying; Confidence issues; Childbirth; Depression; Eating disorders; Family issues; Low self-esteem; OCD; Panic attacks; Phobias; Postnatal depression; Redundancy; Relationship issues; Self-harm; Sexuality; Stress; Suicidal thoughts; Trauma.

I work with individuals of all ages.